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• Michael Neill, director of Local 98’s apprentice training program, was part of the school’s founding group and is vice president of the charter’s board. “Philadelphia E&T Charter High School had a few difficult years during the most recent charter term, both academically and fiscally,” she said in a statement.

“The Board of Trustees acknowledged those hardships head-on and committed to ensuring the viability and sustainability of the school.” She said the school had completed an academic turnaround.

But the school has done better by Dougherty, becoming a job bank for family members and friends of the powerful Democrat known as “Johnny Doc” and providing members — and taxpayer-covered dues — for his union.

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A Pennsylvania School Boards Association report found on average charters in the state spent nearly 55 percent of their budgets on instruction in 2014-15.

That represents 13 percent of the school’s .5 million annual budget.