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Other Army Corps such as the Royal Engineers, Intelligence Corps and Adjutant General’s Corps are also employed at Two of the estates comprise of modern semi detached houses built in 1995, and have central heating installed with solar panels for heating water.

The other estate comprises of older houses which have immersion heated water and portable gas heaters.

The hospital is manned by specialists and is also visited by specialist consultants from the UK.

Travelling time to TPMH is about 2 hrs from ) is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of environmental and occupational health standards and will check working areas and accommodation provided for all units and establishments.

Registration forms are available during normal working hours from the reception.

All service personnel, UK based civilians and their dependents under the age of 26 (or in full time education) are entitled to primary health care.

This is due to the hot weather experienced throughout the summer. Ayos Nikolaos has its own education centre for both service personnel and their dependents to use.And a UK curriculum is taught so SATs and GCSEs still take place for children of the relevant age groups.Further education also takes place on the island and the opportunity for teenagers to do A Levels is also available.Material is cheap to buy here so if you have a sewing machine bring it with you along with patterns.

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The tailors here are good and reasonably priced and will often make an outfit for you from a sketch or picture.

All new arrivals receive a briefing about the station.