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Whores, like you, don't get to wear things like this! Quickly I lowered it and before she knew what was happening, and attached the other cuff to her left ankle.... I did not really wanna but you could see that, rested up, she was returning to the 'assertive bitch crap' mode. After having her sign model release for the video and a number of the stills, I began interviewing the drunken woman. Carefully I assured that I had all these things, were recorded in the documentary I was preparing. I grabbed the soft curly badge of femininity a decent woman usually treasures, twisted it and remarked, "This shit goes! While she was sniveling, I took the cuffs out of my back pocket, and captured her right hand. " he said as he cut off the flow of fluid into her vitals, but did not remove the plugging nozzle. you, just like that, and me scripting the questions and answers. As she tried to stand, I left the closed off nozzle in her closed off insuring no leaking till I"m was ready.

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Being careful I back tracked a few times to be sure she was thoroughly lost before I went to the quiet place I had scouted out before for the next part of our little affaire. And then lead her right back here." he told the little girl. Keep leading her round and round the yard while I get the shots I need for her dossier." He explained following the action with his trusty still camera.

As I had warned her, I removed my belt and advanced upon the frightened cowering woman. Um Look I Aaaauauauau" She started but I caught her left calf with my nice thick belt. Claudia was not really with it, but the pull of the unyielding chain against her soft secret flesh, made her cooperation mandatory.

Then I took the 18 speed to the car park and retrieved my own convertible. The base of the 'horsie' is made of stout 2 x 4's and when its locked in the truck bed it is very secure ... You know they are really serious when they lookup from under their caked hair struggling to see through the sticky mess on their cheeks. After hosing her down again, in her still 'pliable state' I had her pose with no restraints with a few of the barn yard animals and myself. It had been a long day for her and myself, so I chained her naked out in the barn yard to 'rest' while I went in to my soo soft bed. She had never slept naked under the stars, and never would, voluntarily, but here ... ******************* The sun rising caused her cold hunched over naked flesh to finally warm up. She looked down and saw someone must of shaved her pubis. Curiously she reached down and opened her labia to find the source of a burning sensation. Her aching mind knew, The frigid cold water brought Claudia, the piggie, from her troubled half sleep to wide open eyed awake in microseconds.

He detached her from the table and man handed her body over to the strange device on the floor. Next the ingenious part of the mechanism was called into play! " she shouted to no avail as the finger, it's lube job done was withdrawn and replaced with a large complicated enema nozzle. Now I'll read the question parts and you'll read the answers that are there. Any fuck ups on your part, and we will wait for a while and then start all over again." He informed her. She was soo grateful she felt she was in love with him.

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"Now you be a good piggy and we'll ride all the way home to the you're nice warm sty." "You ... Snappp The pain in her crotch was enough to bring a violent reaction from her, but his expert rubbing of her clit soon quieted her again. She was now positioned so that her face, tits and open crotch all resided in a very small close area. News readers, who call themselves reporters use then all the time. Ah well I'll just let in some more water and when I come back in half an hour, or so, we will try another take. " I smiled while turning off the lights and equipment, then I staggered away to smoke another cigar. From this position, I let her expel most of the unwanted putrid fluid into a bucket under the frame.

She shuttered in fear but one squint of my eyes held her in position. " I said as I ran my hand between her shaking legs. " A tearful nod, of her head, confirmed, finally, her acceptance of me, as her new master in all things. "STOP THIS IMMD..." she began but he turned the stop cock and suddenly her bowel's and innards felt a rush of cold fluid. "I find this setup very cleansing with a new Piggie, and to that end I can fill you up till you burst like an over stretched balloon." It was a very subdued, almost reverent Claudia who with head hanging down to the floor began to beg ... I don't know what you want but whatever it is you've won. Please ..." "Well now I think I see some hope for you piggie.. " I inquired patting the parted vaginal lips to accent them and their current condition. Her eyes traveled to the now smooth outer lips of her sex. When I was sure she was thoroughly drunk, on the cheep liquor now laying deep inside her intestines, I rotated the frame again, and released her from it.