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Keep up with this story and more Spike Lee can hardly point a camera at anything without stirring up a ruckus.

"She's Gotta Have It" (1986) raised hackles both feminist and macho with its theme of a young black woman who ruled her sex life for her own pleasure, just like guys do.

In Stanley Kramer's 1967 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," Katharine Hepburn nervously wants to know if her daughter has slept with her black fiance. Back in the dear dead days of the civil-rights movement, poor Kramer was discomfited when college students told him his movie was out of date because interracial love was no problem for them.

No, says the thoroughly modern daughter, but only "because he wouldn't let me! But in early 1967 16 states still had laws against miscegenation, and the Ku Klux Klan picketed theaters showing the film.

It's not a neat package, but Lee deals with passions, not packages.

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Color, class, drugs, romance, family: no one can accuse Lee of avoiding the issue-any issue.

You know, the one that claims to be so “colorblind” all the time?