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I can't compare it to Daisy as I've yet to try it but this to me is a younger, fresher but just as classy version of Chanel.Mademoiselle is one of my favorites as well but this I prefer for spring and summer whereas Mademoiselle seems more of a winter fragrance to me.It is a scent that you should purchase and wear for a week to really assess it's true beauty.The added bonus is that it does not give me a headache like a lot of Chanel fragrances do. However I feel that it doesn't last more then an hour.It has a fresh/floral scent at first, that goes away fairly quickly (on my skin at least). Jag fick ett splash-sampel och på mig är den väldigt kortlivad. I suggest you try the other two and decide for yourself. I have been in love with Chance Eau Fraiche for years as a summer/vacation scent, but tend to save it for special occasions because it has particular sentimental value to me as my wedding fragrance. At first I was concerned by how subtle it is, and while I do wish it had better staying power, it's not so short-lived that I don't feel I'm getting my money's worth.But it surprises you later in the day when you're thinking "what is that sweet smell I keep smelling? I don't get grapefruit in this at all, and am not usually a grapefruit fan. I was given a splash-sample and on my skin its very shortlived. A very nice fragrance but I don't think the prize is talking to me at all. Ungefär 1 timme kan jag känna den och den är nästan helt hudnära, väldigt liten utstrålning. I also love Chance Eau de Parfum but wouldn't necessarily wear it every day. It's subtle and elegant, but at the same time I feel like I can wear this in a tshirt and shorts, and it totally works in the office, on vacation, and everywhere in between.

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In fact, I almost never wear Acqua Di Gioia alone, I just have to spray Eau Tendre on top, which does seem to help it last a little longer for me.I think this is so beautiful, and it's extremely long-lasting.My husband really likes this too, and he hates most of my perfumes.Face of advertising campaign is Sigrid Agren, and photographer is Jean-Paul Goude. The person i see perfect for this is a caring one, tender with others like the name.

The flacon is the same as its antecedent, but it is characterized by pink fluid this time. a person that make life seem easy, and can make your headache go faraway with a look and a smile. Only people in your close vicinity or who will come close to greet you will smell it. I still wear it in wintertime and it still fits, because of it's sweetness. I've had it for about three years now and I am still in love with it.Some reviews might be helpful, but it's best to try it yourself. It's so light and fresh and classy, it's become my signature everyday scent, I'm hoping that my 2 year old will smell this years from now and be brought back to her childhood for a little while and be comforted by the scent as Givenchy Organza does for me. The sillage is moderate at best but I'm okay with that as I like to wear it everyday and I wouldn't want to overwhelm our tiny house, plus I get a little spray happy with it because I love it so much.