Dating a bipolar sufferer

18-Sep-2017 10:49

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Apps such as Stigma and Mood Diary are incredibly simple and effective.At the same time, try to find others in a similar situation for you to confide in should you need it.If, like me, you are still confused over your symptoms or have trouble describing them to your GP or psychiatrist, it’s a great idea to keep a mood diary.This will allow you to monitor how you are feeling each day.According to Mental Help, a ‘significant portion of people with bipolar disorder have moderate to high levels of anger’ and this could be down to the chemical imbalances in the brain that bipolar is linked to.This study concludes that those with bipolar show greater anger and aggressive behaviours during pyschotic episodes, which definitely makes sense for those going through the manic phase.

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Mental health charity Mind can be reached by phone (03), by text (86463), email ([email protected]) or by visiting their website.

But there was one thing that confused me – and that was how irritated I was becoming alongside all of this. I was picking fights with my other half for no other reason than I was feeling insanely irritable. I questioned my diagnosis because I wondered how I could be going through a manic episode when I’m arguing.